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Rich Allcorn

A former pastor, associate pastor, men's pastor, praise and worship leader, children's church teacher, sound man, ... did I name them all yet? This guy has got experience! Seriously, pastor Rich has served in just about every position in the ministry of a church, from usher to greeter, to children's church, to sound department, and even on-stage, as a praise and worship singer, praise and worship leader, men's pastor, associate pastor, pastor, cowboy preacher, and evangelist! Did I mention prophet? .

Pastor Rich comes to us as a gift from God. He has a passion for "the truth", in teaching and preaching the Word of God. It's important to him that we preach and teach, as Jesus commanded us to do. He says that otherwise, all we've got is just one big nursery! A whole bunch of spiritual "kids" that need growing up! Well, that's what he's focused on, is raising up Believer's to become "Knowers" ... folks who actually who what the Bible says about things; folks with training and character and an understanding of what a preacher does (and doesn't do) ... to honor God! Oh, he's not perfect ... he'll be the first to tell you that. But he works at it.

Word Church wants to align ourselves with folks who are willing to "step out" and "believe God" ... folks who against all odds will "stand up" for what God has called them to do, even when the rest consider that person crazy. What better man to do that than one who has been raised as a prophet. He knows what it's like to go against what's "popular" and stand alone if you have to, to get things done. Pastor Rich is not afraid to be considered "the fool", if it means doing what God has told him to do.

Pastor Rich is both a licensed and an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, through this ministry, through House of Power Outreach, and through his home church of Williamson County Cowboy Church. "His" pastor is pastor Corey Ross, a cowboy preacher there in Liberty Hill, Texas. Pastor Corey is the "covering" of this ministry, and we are accountable to him. Pastor Rich feels that it's important to be accountable. It instills integrity. He has successfully completed his BA in Biblical and Theological Studies, and has completed extensive ministry training over the years, in various areas of the church and in church departments. He also studied ministry ethics and protocol under Dr. Michael Brown, pastor at Windy Hill Christian Center, now known as the World Outreach Center.

Know that his ministry, and his credibility as a minster of the gospel of Jesus Christ, is important to him. He does, and will probably, make mistakes, but he's very quick to acknowlege them and repent and move on. He knows what it means to submit to authority, and to actively represent the "heart" of a servant, to other ministers, and he teaches this to his ministry students.

Office Hours and Information

Pastor Rich offices out of his home-based ofice in the Austin Texas area. He regularly travels in speaking engagements, as well, and therefore maintains a "virtual office" where he can at almost any place along the way be "connected" to our office phones, email, and communications. When he is on-the-road and unable to attend staff meetings in person, he attends electronically through the video teleconferencing resources of Word Church Ministries using SKYPE ...

He can be reached by email at:

His personal profile can be found on LinkedIn.com at:

His personal website is:

His SKYPE VideoConferencing Number/ID is:
and his SKYPE mobile office number is: (512) 782-9949

His telephone numbers:
MOBILE: (512) 844-7424
HOME: (512) 255-2676
MOBILE OFFICE: (512) 782-9949

Rich Allcorn, born in a small West Texas town of Coleman Texas, grew up near Ballinger Texas (near San Angelo and Abilene) where they managed a 675 acre ranch just 15 miles outside of town. Rich spent a great deal of his life there, and loves the outdoors. He has served in many positions over the years in church, and worked as a computer guy most of his career. The summer of 2001 he finally decided that God was not going to "let up" on the calling on his life and he and his wife surrendered into full-time ministry. Rich was saved at the age of 8yrs old, and God's hand has always been on his life. Rich is versatile in his praise and worship preferences, singing everything from Christian country to the most popular contemporary music. He plays the guitar, and sometimes writes songs as well.

See his regular BIO for more details ...

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